Bloom where you're planted.

I recently saw this quote during one of my daily instagram scrolls and it really got me thinking. I have always loved this quote. It holds a special place in my heart and it is my hope that all women, including my daughters, will believe the mission statement that is entwined in this exquisitely written message of hope.

This specific quote is one that I believe almost perfectly encapsulates my life. I have experienced many dark days and always felt a driving force pushing me through the darkness. No matter what was happening, how confused I was, or frustrated about the situation I was in, I always knew that I would grow and bloom into a more beautiful version of myself in the end. I knew that if I continued trusting in God’s plan, holding onto hope for the future, and stayed tenacious that I would come out stronger. I hope all women believe the same when they feel trapped in the darkness of this world.

As much as I love the message this quote delivers I think it is lacking something substantial. Flowers bloom and grow, just as we do. However, some flowers can’t make it through storms that come from their surroundings. In fact, most flowers are quite fragile. They get beat down by the rain, washed away in the floods, seared by the sun, and destroyed in the cold of winter. When the heavy storms come most flowers crumble.

Except for the wildflower.

Wildflowers are some of the most resilient and gorgeous of flowers. Vividly, they stand out in a field of beige with their bright beautiful hues. They can grow anywhere and everywhere. You see them growing strong amongst the weeds that tirelessly attempt to drain them of life. They use the rain to grow and bloom instead of allowing it to wash them away and they withstand the harshest of summer heat. Wildflowers stand up to the darkest and fiercest of storms and continue to grow regardless of what they have weathered.

So, what does a wildflower do once they have weathered the storm? They show the world the beauty that God has blessed them with! Their intensely colored petals shine with strength and dignity regardless of their surroundings. They not only bloom where they are planted, they flourish.

My hope is for you to bloom and flourish wherever God has you planted.
Bloom, wildflower, bloom.

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Cover Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash