Family traditions are very important to us.

We want our children to grow up with beautiful memories of time spent together, holidays celebrated, and family traditions experienced. Easter is coming up quickly and it is time to start thinking about how you will celebrate the holiday with your family. Our Easter family traditions are not only about making memories, but also focused around teaching our children about the true meaning of Easter. As Christians, we believe that Christ died on the cross to take away the penalty for our sins and He rose from the dead on the third day. We strive to make memories and teach them about God's selfless act of love through all that we do around the Easter holiday.

We of course have an Easter Egg hunt because our children love the thrill of the hunt just like any other child. At the same time, it is important to us that we teach them that Easter is about much more than a bunny who hides candy filled eggs in random places. It is a beautiful day filled with love that has completely changed our lives and has saved our souls. That is why every year we try to celebrate Easter in a way that teaches our children about the amazingness that is God's love for us. I am sharing with you the three things we do every year to focus our Easter celebrations around Jesus.

1. Empty Tomb Rolls

Every year we make empty tomb rolls on the Friday before Easter Sunday. These delicious treats are so simple to make, but have a profound symbolism attached to them. To make one empty tomb roll, you simply take a marshmallow, dip it in melted better and then in a sugar/cinnamon mixture. Next, you roll the coated marshmallow into a pillsbury crescent triangle and pinch the dough together to make sure there are no holes- if there are holes the marshmallow will seep out. The crescent roll symbolizes the tomb that Jesus' body, the marshmallow, was placed into. When you bite or cut into the rolls after they're baked Jesus is no longer there! As the rolls bake, the marshmallow seems to disappear as it melts into the crescent roll. Even though they are still so young, our children love learning about Christ rising from the dead with this yummy symbolism.

We highly recommend using silicone baking cups when making your empty tomb rolls as they can get very sticky as they bake!

2. Host An Easter Feaster

Whether big or small, we try to have what we call an "Easter Feaster". What started as a tradition among friends in college quickly turned into a family tradition. Each year we invite someone into our home for Easter dinner. Not just close family or friends, but someone our family does not know that well or who may not have a place to go for Easter dinner.  We strive to show our children that we are a church family and that extends to all of God's children. This is a tangible way for them to see us and join us as we serve the body of Christ.

We are loving this resurrection inspired graphic tee for hosting your feaster.

3. Decorating Easter Eggs

We love to decorate Easter eggs! I mean, who doesn't?! Watching the pure white eggs change color in the mix is so satisfying!  Some years we like to switch things up a bit. So instead of hardboiled eggs, we buy wooden or plastic eggs and paint them. Regardless of what we choose, we always have wonderful conversations as we're decorating our eggs. We talk with our kids about how the color we are putting on the egg could represent our sin. I even dare them to try to rub the coloring off of the egg, take away their own sin, and make it white again. They quickly find out that it is impossible. That's when we talk about how Jesus died on the cross to take away the penalty of our sin. Only He can make us white as snow again. You can find our favorite wooden eggs for decorating below!

Along with all of the traditions we already have in place, we always love trying new traditions from around the world. A new tradition we are thinking about trying this year is decorating and flying kites. This is something that is a tradition in Bermuda and is used to symbolize Christ's ascension to heaven. What a beautiful way for children to see how Christ was physically lifted up to the heavens! You can try this new tradition along with us. We found some Prime worthy blank kites to decorate below!

However you decide to celebrate Easter this year, we hope you have a holiday filled with love, joy, and thanks.

Cover Photo by Hannah Tasker on Unsplash